Wednesday, September 19, 2012

X-ray for you Bento

Word of the day: X x

Olivia said X for X-ray which by using this device it help us to see our bone.
:) Without thinking too much, I made this for her.

I use parchment paper to trace out bone picture from the Internet. Cut out the bone shape from the parchment paper.  Abstract out the outline by toothpicks or sharp knife. Wrap it back and store them in the fridge. (same process goes to wording of X)

I apply strawberry jam for the bread, grapes and strawberry. Placed the cheese bone onto the seaweed which I layer with cheese and use girls pick to show the girl is having x-ray process and see her bone. ;)

Lastly, spread over the bread with little cupcake sprinklers. 

p/s: Can you spot out my wooden tray? ^-^


Ming@Bentomonsters said...

This x ray is a great idea! Nice wooden tray, I think I know who shared with u, lol. :)

MyNoble Baby said...

Yes Li Ming. Ha, my girl tell her friends mummy make x-ray for her and her kindie friends ask why no leg forgetful I m. :s

Is Shinny! Really thank to her share all her tools...hehe but the original idea from you. Thank you!

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