Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bento Mosnters: 500th Post Giveaway

Good thing must share!

Bento Monsters is so kind enough to giveaway as mentioned above. Do hop over to her blog to participate ya!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Girly Bear Bento

Yay! It is school holiday fr 2 weeks! My girl was so happy that she can rest (watch cartoon) at home for 2 weeks. :) However, I had special arranged with the principal that she can only have second week holiday. She will still go to school (1st week) in casual ware joining day care class to have all activities except tv. 

Arrghh kind of cruel to them ya? Initial yes, but afterall thinking 2 weeks stay at home majority hours she will spend is tv. I think sending her to school to have learning activities will be more fun and meaningful.

It is lazy Sunday, Olivia have slight flu and we are kind of lazy to crowded mall. I prepare her rice with preserved sausages, chickens and mushrooms. Chickens and preserved sausages had been cut into minced small pieces.

Bear nose is made from BBQ cheese and nori for nose, eyes and ears. I also add on the hats for this bear. :)

I also pack it with fresh orange and grapes. Orange rich in vitamin C. Get well soon my dear.

Tagliatelle Verde with Lemon Pepper Salmon

Tomorrow is my day! We have 1 day early celebration. :)

William brought us to Chili's Grills and Restaurant located at Citta Mall. 4 adults and 1 children and we ordered 5 Main Course and 1 child set. lol Pretty big eater ya. :) William and my brother had Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Cripers, mother in laws' Monterey Chicken and mine was Fire-Grilled Chicken and Portobello. My brother feel the portion is not big enough and he order another set of Fish and Chips instead of Big Mouth Burgers. 

We did not tried out the steak and starters set as previously we tried before starters simply feel it is either sour and slightly spicy which Olivia and my brother may not enjoy it. 

Olivia is having her free kids meals Yummy Drummys' (Chicken drummettes and home styles fries) which I feel it is too dry for her. The previous round we had tried before the Pepper Pals Pasta which contains slight spice and she did not really enjoy it.  :(
Today is my big day should be dine out but I am offering myself to be Chef today as I would like to try out new recipe :) and eating at home may have more comfortable.

My Menu for the day:-
Starters: Texas Cheese Fries
Soups:  Creamy Mushroom Soup
Main Course: Tagliatelle Verde with Lemon Pepper Salmon
Drink: Cranberry Juice
Dessert: New Zealand Vanila and Chocolate Ice Cream and Haagen Dazs (Flavour: Vanila and Almond)  

and last my birthday Hazelnut Cake! :) 

I am sharing out my first trial recipe. Do hope you all like it. :)

Tagliatelle Verde with Lemon Pepper Salmon
Serving: 5paxs

  • 600g Salmon
  • 2 Onions 
  • Squids
  • 500g Tagliatelle Verde (spinach pasta)
  • 200ml Cream
  • 150ml veggie broth
  • 2 tablespoon cream cheese or 200g (8oz)
  • 1 lime juice (optional)
  • Sausages (Optional)
  • Pinch of salt and ground pepper

1) Marinate Lemon Pepper with Salmon.
2) Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and cook Tagliatelle Verde until al dente as directed (tender but firm to bite) Drain well. Like mine just need 6 minutes and stir well.
3)  Heat butter in a pan on medium heat. Sear salmon, remove from the pan and keep warm. cut it into 2cm x 2cm cube.
4) Pour cream and broth into the pan, let cook for a while until it slightly thickens. Add cream cheese and let melt.
5) Season to taste with salt, pepper and a dash of the lime juice from the marinade.
6) Drain tagliatelle, combine with the sauce.
7) Arrange on plates, topping off with the salmon cubes.
8) Enjoy your meal! Bon Appétit!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Kiiroitori Bento

Happy Wesak Day!

We used to bring Olivia to SS3 Wesak Charity Sales. It is quite meaningful day and Olivia love to go not only the delicious food fair but also she is also able to enjoy arts play. :)

I bought her vegetarian chicken rice. She ate few scoop and she claimed that she is still full and no choice we brought back to home. 

Well, I reheat back the rice and suddenly the rice colour flash me to this cutey Kiiroitori. :) with adding cheese and nori, Kiiroitori is live! She love it! She ate Kiiroitori with vegetarian chicken. 

I also added some grapes for her.  

The sand work made by her daddy and my girl.

Biscuit we brought back.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lorry on the Road Bento

It is still under land transport topic, I try to made lorry from cake but it seems did not turn up my expectation. :(

The lorry is made from pandan cake, wheels are made from plum. Adding on picks to show lorry with passengers. lol

I also pack it with grapes and pastilles for her to school.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Teachers Day

It was Teachers Day! and I was so forgetful until I called up Olivia and she mentioned to me everyone must hug teacher and greet them Happy Teachers Day. I was planning to cook something for them though they never mentioned to parents that they are celebrating. :( 

I bought mini tumblers from Tupperware and insert it with tea leaf and wrap with transparent wrapping paper and tight with ribbon.  

I try to involve the little one as to remind her that she must always show with respect and appreciate whatever teacher had taught and share.

I cut out the pink simili paper trim it with art scissor and stick it with double sided tape on the black card board that I showed earlier. I showed one as display for her to follow. ;p

She said the card look so empty after I wrote down words on card and she quickly run to her box and dig out some stickers that she keep as collection.

 Her signatory :)

I was not sure what is her teachers reaction after saw behind part. :)

Happy Teachers Day!

The mediocre teacher TELLS,
The good teacher EXPLAINS,
The superior teacher DEMONSTRATES,
The great teacher INSPIRES.

quote from William Arthur Ward    

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Free Ride Bread Car Bento

This month Olivia term syllabus was related to transportation topic. Thanks to Li Ming that shed me the idea on car. Do hop over to her blog, I am sure you love it.

The car is made from mini bun and filled with chicken floss. Wheels and steering are made from prunes. Girl is made by 2 type of cheese and details adding by nori. The traffic light was last minute add on as I notice I still have left some candies and perfectly match red, yellow and green for my traffic light.

I was abit rough and you may notice my girl hair almost crack already. :s I also packed it with oranges and red grapes.

Closer look for the car, the girl and the traffic light!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Frogy, Piggy, Kitty and Panda Bento

I had been missing for a week from bentoing due to...

1) Fly back to hometown to vote
2) Rest at home. Actually no rest at all.
3) Sick from fever, flu, skin allergic....aghhh...hardly take leave to rest and I do so, am sure something will bothering me. :(

I am using Cutezcute cutter to all animals i.e. the kitty, the panda, the froggy and the piggy. This is for my superior and colleagues who are caring, lovely and always willing to share out the concerns, happiness, sadness and chit chat and so many more. :)

Simple Nutella bread for all the animals cause I have 2 lovely superior who is vegetarian and Malay. I guess it will be easy to give them and a little surprise to them. :) 

Do hope they like it!

Happy Belated Mothers Day!

It was done by her and assist by her school teacher. She told me this is her hand and she wrote secret message to me. lol The rose I received it from Sunway Medical Centre in celebrating Mothers Day event while the Carnation we received it while we order 1 cake from Bakery and course this flower is William give to her mom.