Thursday, June 27, 2013

Elmo Cupcake

I had been missing for days as my parents transit to KL for days and to Kuantan. Olivia and I join their trip to Kuantan attending the 38th AGM of Hainan Association on last Friday till Sunday. It was really rest and relax trip. Father is busying attending meeting from morning till noon and we are busy shopping, resting, sleeping and eating. ;p Gain few unwanted fat. :s We stay in the Zenith Hotel Kuantan which is quite new and roomy hotel. I will share few photos out after I compiled.

It was happily trip down to KL but it was not a welcome back trip to KL as we met unpleasant guest passed by - the Haze! It is getting worst when we on the way back to KL. My house area was affected seriously same goes to our nearest neighbor county Singapore. It is due to the illegal burning of forests and other land on Indonesia's Sumatra island. :( School are advice to close down at my area due to seriously polluted air and surgical mask is a must to use if you need to go outdoor. 

It is so blessed that another long waited visitor - Rain. According to the API (Air Pollutant Index), it showed it has changed dramatically and improved. We are now in the “moderate” level of air quality. My girl school is reopen again. Thanks to the rain! It help alot! 

Back to my bento today, I cheat by buying cupcake from student charity and add on Elmo deco ring. :) I also pack it with red grapes, biscuit and chewy vitamins.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Snow White Bento

I had wanted to try out princess collection for my girl. Hm...I m not brave enough till heard she mentioned her teacher share out Snow White story with hers during last holiday.

I had tried but the outcome was not meet my expectation - the eyes! I should actually re-do the eyes but I am short of time and need to go out to work. I hope she will like it. 

The bread is filled with nutella, I pack it with moo free chocolate and some fruits. 

Snow White is made from cheese, nori and colouring edible pencils for her ribbons and lips. 

Closer look of this Snow White. I should try to add more her costume if I have time. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back to School Bento

My girl is back to school yesterday. She is excited that she will see her classmates and her teacher again. :) 

The bread are fill with butter and chicken floss. The gril details are made from cheese and nori. I springler some thousands so that it would not look plain. -.-'

I also pack it with papayas and Moo Free chocolate. I love moo free products as its chocolate are made from rice milk than cow milk. She can share out with her buddies who is vegetarian friend too. ;p I bought 2 types of moo free chocolates (as per photo shown), it is pack with 3 bars. 1 bar is too much for her but share out among friends, Juicy Sultana can eat with even yummy and tasty!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jjajangmyeon & MonBento Review

I had joined affiliates program with Monbento and Monbento are so kind and generous sent me their hot sell product i.e. Monbento™ Original bento box - Pixel Food. Please hop over to their site if you are planning to bring it home. :)

The bento box is very unique as it airtight and nice grip product. This double tier bento box is perfect size to you if you are big eater. :)

I prepare this for William before he went off to work. He was so impressed with this box. :) His colleagues all come and peek over his bento box instead of the food. lol It seems the green bento box really catch their eyes.

The first layer I fill it with Jjajangmyeon (炸醬麵) and heart shape sausages and pork ball add on nori. Japanese cucumber is filled with first layer tier and second layer tier. The second tier are filled with japanese cucumber, angry bird fish cake and some handmade pork balls. I also filled it with juicy grapes.

Closer look for the panda details. I just realised the noddles was not mix evenly. :s

Another sharp look on monbento bento box. Why I love this? It is awesome and safe product, BPA free and airtight products! It is not a surprise that why this Monbento Original can win Gia (Global Innovation Award) Award and Reddot Award. Excellent product!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Care Bear Bento

Care Bear characters originally are for use in greeting cards in 1981, they start appeared on tv shows was on 1983. Each Care Bear comes in a different color and has a specialized insignia on its belly that represents its duty and personality. This insignia was known as their "tummy symbol. ;p 

I had give myself a try to make cheer bear but it turn up not really meet my expectation. :(

I made this Cheer Bear from rice with coloured with deco furi, details are add on by cheese and nori. It is also served with Oyster Chicken with potatoes and carrots.