Hi! I'm Sandy, living in the State of Selangor, Malaysia. I have an adorable princess, Olivia and a very supportive husband, William.

I am night owl with little bit of hyperactive (brain)! I always kill my brain cells and think (Poor braincell). I never think I can reach this far as bento-ing, such an artistic work on food with patient and thought....Arghh sometime I do not really understand myself. ;p 

I start to think is she getting enough food to eat at her nursery school? She is picky, will she eat? She is playful, will she be discipline during her recess time? .......lots of concern went into my mind and the last was Is her school provide any meal? If no, then the quick flash to my mind is "I will do it for her" as I cannot tolerate kid with empty stomach to school. That time I was not relate any bento yet, and I start practice how to pack the food into small box healthy so that when the class commencement, I will be able to handle it.

I start pack up her food for her to nursery school day by day and there is one time met up with my girl principal and say: Olivia's' mummy, you are fans of BENTO ya! Wait a minutes......BENTO? I could never realized all this while I had throwing myself to Bento World. What a slow motion I am! ;)

I was so blessed  that I met some nice mummy via Facebook. They share out anything and everything ideas and opinion whenever you ask. ;p There are really superb! They always give positive energy to you to keep you motivate as I guess all mummy's' motto are same i.e. Strive for the bext healthy food for the little one.

Nothing is impossible! I do not cook well but I am willing to learn, imagine for the past of college life...I can't even fry egg or fish. It rather turn to be black (over-cooked) or contribute to Mr Bin (Dustbin) and now I am exposure myself to journal down the bentos I have done. 

I appreciate Leelou Blogs as creating such nice cute owl blog template. This owl template really reflect my personality i.e. 101% night owl! lol

I have to apologize that do not write well neither, but I hope thru blogging can improve along the way.

Happy reading~


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