Friday, May 16, 2014

Lunch with Dolphin and Fish

Yay! It's Friday! It is also Teacher Appreciation Day! This gave me lots of excuse to cook simple dimple lunch for my girl. :) (plus use my another mold which I bought during Chinese New Year)

Dolphin is mold by white rice. I steam pumpkin and mold to fish shape which the pumpkin maybe steam too long and easy to break. :s Dolphin is surrounding with Hokkaido cream stew chicken, potatoes and carrots.

Serve with pumpkin corn soup (not showed in picture).

Happy Teachers Day

6th of May is Teachers Appreciation Day which celebrate widely in Malaysia. 

I still remembered during my primary time, my mom used to bake Bee Cake for me to bring and share amongst teachers and students. Each student will bring dish and invite all forms teachers and principal. Performing singing and dancing to entertain teachers and basically whole day can considered no class on that day. :)

No bake cherry cheese cake I prepare and together with my little assistant - Olivia. She is so excited to participate this. :)

I also wrap this Mentos with short notes to teachers as a small tokens of appreciations from my girl.

 Hope Teachers like it. ;p

Thursday, May 15, 2014

3D Panda

I need to take charge full time house cleaning and chef for this whole week as mom in law was just back from cataract surgery. Foods need to separate cook as doctor advice her to take soft food. Chinese always have Do's and Don't after any surgery. :s

Such a short time preparation, I decide to make the panda! Panda is always one of my favorite. :) I tried to make this in 3D.

The ears, hands and legs are rice wrap with nori. It is serve with fish cake and "Chun Juan" Egg roll skin wrap with pork meat. Panda is holding hm...over-cooked asparagus.

Black grapes is served along her meal.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Panda Sushi

It was 3:30am in the morning, I have to wake up to cook the rice while everyone still sleeping zzzz. While cooking rice time, I need to fried finger foods - nuggets to bring along. Everything seems so smooth to go.I manage to make 100 pieces of panda sushi for outdoor picnic. 

Tadaa! I must say big thank you to Li Ming as she gave me great idea to make this in bulk faster and easier way. ;p My girl love this so much and say this round she can buy her friends panda! :) Glad she like this.

After mold it out, I wrap it with cling wrap so children can easily munch it whenever they want.


We reach there by 8:30am just right time as children can have sand play, and running wildly. We having fun as games invited parents and children. I have throw this task to William as I was volunteer myself as unprofessional photographer cum videographer.

when it is tea-break, children are so excited to try out. I do not have the time to snap moment they enjoy this as I was grabbed by few parents to throw out another Q&A session on this panda. :s 

It is fun journey trip indeed. ;p