Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Panda Sushi

It was 3:30am in the morning, I have to wake up to cook the rice while everyone still sleeping zzzz. While cooking rice time, I need to fried finger foods - nuggets to bring along. Everything seems so smooth to go.I manage to make 100 pieces of panda sushi for outdoor picnic. 

Tadaa! I must say big thank you to Li Ming as she gave me great idea to make this in bulk faster and easier way. ;p My girl love this so much and say this round she can buy her friends panda! :) Glad she like this.

After mold it out, I wrap it with cling wrap so children can easily munch it whenever they want.


We reach there by 8:30am just right time as children can have sand play, and running wildly. We having fun as games invited parents and children. I have throw this task to William as I was volunteer myself as unprofessional photographer cum videographer.

when it is tea-break, children are so excited to try out. I do not have the time to snap moment they enjoy this as I was grabbed by few parents to throw out another Q&A session on this panda. :s 

It is fun journey trip indeed. ;p


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