Monday, December 24, 2012

Snowman and Penguin Xmas Bento

I had been quiet for this December Seasons. I had promised her make a Xmas bento for her and today was really a chance for me to use rice to make snowman for her. (She informed me she never seen the real snow before, I tried to make this little snowman to tell her. Mummy will try to fulfill her wish) 

First of all, I must took 2 tablets of Activ Fast Panadol to reduce my fever. :s gosh...38.99 I had been struggled from fever since last night. Hubby start force me to take panadol. Hm...not really anti medicine but sometime I feel if it is allow I would to to depends my own immune body system to win this battle. well, it is obviously, I lost this match. 

I made the snowman and penguin by 3 rice balls, quail egg with little mayo and serve with carrot, corns & steam fish balls. She do not like corns and surprisingly she enjoy this round, she can finish her food within 30 minutes. I was really happy with this. 

It is a calm and peaceful Christmas eve with my beloved family. I wish all of my friends a Merry Christmas!