Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toy Story: Alien Bento

Alien was one of my last week post too! :) 

Toy story 3 eyes Aliens is one of my girl favorite character. She never get bored to watch this movie over and over again. 

The alien is made from rice, colour by deco furi. Perhaps I should try to extract out from natural food i.e. blue from blue pea flower, green from pandan leaf, purple from purple cabbage, etc. It really time consuming. I should give salute to mummies who putting so much effort in it. ;p

The rice is served with pork patties, baby carrots and steam corns.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Doraemon Sushi Bento

It was one of my last week post. :) I do not have enough longer hours or minutes to sit in front on monitor as so many laundry work need to be done before mother in law back to KL. ;p 

I always wanted to make cartoon character in sushi roll, but I am not brave enough (no courage) to try as I seldom and hardly prepare lunch for her. After seeing so much sushi roll made by Bento Monsters, I finally push myself to step out my first step to try this Doraemon. :)

Doraemon are made from rice. I need white small roll and blue roll for outer. Wrap it tight and adding details by nori, cheese and crab stick.

It is ink roller. Do you notice its eyes? ^-^

Personally feel was not perfect wrap but I guess for the first attempt cartoon sushi roll consider very nice. Hehe 

Keep it up, Sannee! ^-^

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mid-Autumn: Chang Er Bento

Mid-Autumn festival falls on 19 September, Thursday. I am just too excited to use rice to make bento for this theme. :) It is another opportunity for me to make Chang E in rice type.

For the lunch bento, I made little girl with holding bunny lantern. The girl is made from rice and bunny is pick. 

It is packed with meatballs, fresh baby carrots and grapes. There is a fish paste soup which I forgot to include in it. :s

I actually plan to use the quail egg to make the bunny as lantern. I changed to use bunny pick as I am taking too long to prepare the Chang Er. :s

William, Olivia and I are participating this lantern competition by using recycled materials. It is our first time to make this, the paper materials supplied by schools. Initial we plan to use can / tin to make the lantern and after thinking design and tedious work and lots of kids participating maybe little and little. We change to use box instead of can. 

The drawing Chang E is drawn by me. :) From far angle see, look good. Closer look, you will find rough workmanship. ;p

After submit this and chit chat with the principal, I changed the plan in making Minion for her as I feel this lantern above is abit traditional and old fashioned. 

Which one you prefer? ^-^

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Penguin Bun Bento

William is so forgetful! He forgot bring his penguin to work. Sigh... :s It turns up become my breakfast.

The bun is filled with pork floss, adding cheese as eyes and its foots. The black seedless grapes are just underneath the penguins.

Initially, it was without the cap but I notice penguins head slight grumpy and do not look good. :s Agree? 

p/s: Do you realized something was not right? Yeah, The penguin should not have cow boy head and bow tie at one go!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Smurf Bento

La la la la la lalalalalala.....Yep. I made my very first smurf. Olivia used to sing this rhythm when is free or doing something.

Smurf is made from rice, I colour it by deco furi and maybe not well mix as you may see some slight dark and some are not. It is served with sausage egg and potatoes carrot soup. 

Lucky Dog Bento

Morning! I had something slight heavy breakfast for my own. ;p William said I used to make for Olivia and perhaps I should make one for own....to feel it. I wish if someone (in dream) can prepare this. Hehe Well it is really too early to have day dream like this. ;p

The bread is filled with portobello mushrooms and sausages. I used to cook portobello mushrooms when mother in law and William not around as they do not really keen on the taste and smell. Slight fried with sea salt and butter for the mushrooms and serve with cherry tomatoes and some fresh corns.

The dog was deco by nori and ears used spaghetti stick to hold the ears position. Hot lemon tea is served after the meal. Yum yum....what a wonderful day starting ahead. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cat Bus Bento

I had been missing weeks for busying...

- getting stuffs for my parents 
- Kaylas' present. 
- SICK! Bad cough came back again.....

This week am fully in-charged meals for the little one and William (mother in law went back to Penang to off 1 week)

I made the cat bus by rice. Details are made from nori, bbq cheese and crab stick. Chibi totoro is made from quail egg. 

It is served with salt butter corn, cherry tomatoes and Elle & Vire Fruits (Opps...still inside the fridge).