Monday, September 23, 2013

Doraemon Sushi Bento

It was one of my last week post. :) I do not have enough longer hours or minutes to sit in front on monitor as so many laundry work need to be done before mother in law back to KL. ;p 

I always wanted to make cartoon character in sushi roll, but I am not brave enough (no courage) to try as I seldom and hardly prepare lunch for her. After seeing so much sushi roll made by Bento Monsters, I finally push myself to step out my first step to try this Doraemon. :)

Doraemon are made from rice. I need white small roll and blue roll for outer. Wrap it tight and adding details by nori, cheese and crab stick.

It is ink roller. Do you notice its eyes? ^-^

Personally feel was not perfect wrap but I guess for the first attempt cartoon sushi roll consider very nice. Hehe 

Keep it up, Sannee! ^-^


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