Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cat Bus Bento

I had been missing weeks for busying...

- getting stuffs for my parents 
- Kaylas' present. 
- SICK! Bad cough came back again.....

This week am fully in-charged meals for the little one and William (mother in law went back to Penang to off 1 week)

I made the cat bus by rice. Details are made from nori, bbq cheese and crab stick. Chibi totoro is made from quail egg. 

It is served with salt butter corn, cherry tomatoes and Elle & Vire Fruits (Opps...still inside the fridge). 


kw bentodiary said...

Awesome Catbus and cute Chibi totoro ^_^ Hope you get well soon.

Sannee Lim said...

Thanks Karen. :)

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