Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lucky Dog Bento

Morning! I had something slight heavy breakfast for my own. ;p William said I used to make for Olivia and perhaps I should make one for feel it. I wish if someone (in dream) can prepare this. Hehe Well it is really too early to have day dream like this. ;p

The bread is filled with portobello mushrooms and sausages. I used to cook portobello mushrooms when mother in law and William not around as they do not really keen on the taste and smell. Slight fried with sea salt and butter for the mushrooms and serve with cherry tomatoes and some fresh corns.

The dog was deco by nori and ears used spaghetti stick to hold the ears position. Hot lemon tea is served after the meal. Yum yum....what a wonderful day starting ahead. :)


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