Thursday, August 30, 2012

On Duty Soldier Bento

After "raya" long break, Olivia start stepping to new term - Occupation. Soldier is one of the occupation came out from her. She said teacher taught them soldier will have gun, bomb and will also showed them how they throw the bomb. lol 

Well, Mummy try to make this and Olivia comment that in actual it does not really look like soldier though it is with his weapon - gun. I guess I should shape up a bit especially its helmet.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunflower Sushi Roll

I am run out of time in thinking what to make for her. Within 1 hour I have to cook her lunch and dinner and not to forget the other housework. 

Initial plan to cook fried rice i.e. dump all inside but realized serve with fried rice in a box really look unattractive to me. Thanks to one of friend who shed the light to me in prepare the rice in sushi form and of course Olivia love much.

The sushi roll made from fried rice, the sunflower made from egg sheet and sausage.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Girl with her Violin Bento


Word for the day: V
V for Violin 

This term Olivia is learning alphabet of V and thanks to her form teacher who is kind enough to let me know her this whole month teaching subjects and material. It is also give me more idea through the food and also my brain can have short break whenever I am dried of idea.

Made a girl with her violin. I mixed the white rice and brown rice for the 2 little one. Hair and facial expression use nori, violin is made by chicken nuggets and pork meatballs, form of V by using 2 carrots (not really stand out), broccoli and cream corn soup.

Dessert is Mango pudding (not in pictures) which it is kept in the fridge. I noticed if I put the pudding together, she tends to finish pudding before take her main course. 

During her meal after the first two scoop, she hug me with thanks to providing her this delicious food. melts my hearts and I never expect she appreciate. 

After meal, Olivia told me she love my own custom make meatball rather than those nuggets. I   

Cooling Pack

Yeah! At last I managed to grab this from Daiso! I had been searching Cooling Pack for use long long time ago. Well at least when Olivia having her snack time the cheese will not melt and sticky that fast. It can be keep warm and keep warm. Love it!

Heart broken Daddy

As usual, heading to the mall from car park. We used to remind Olivia hold anyone of our hand. While walking across the road, Olivia accidentally fall down and lead her knee got scratches and with little bleeding. I brought her to ladies to cleansed her wound part and she told me this round is not her fault as she walk very "properly" and is daddy's' fault. Going out from toilet, she remain silent and approach to him and said....

Olivia (whisper tone): Daddy, you have not apologize from me yet
Daddy: Sorry dear.
Mummy: Do you want me punish daddy?Just like holding his hand and make him fall down and got same wound like yours? 
Olivia: NO! (cry loudly) I just need him to admit his mistake! I do not want him to get injured like me.....
Daddy: so in touch and hug her firmly.
William bring her to nearest pharmacy to buy medicine plaster while I was away to ladies. I saw from far away they are kind of busy choosing which plaster to stick. I was curious as what keep them so long and still not stick plaster on her knee. When I come closer, I just realized that husband was buying Mickey Minnie version of plaster! 

Mummy: How much?
Daddy: .......
Mummy: Don't have common type?
Daddy: .......
Mummy: Olivia, where you get this? 
Olivia: Here.
(We are still in front of the shop)
Mummy: Why choose this? This one also can. (I point to those brown common plaster)
Olivia: No, mummy.I choose this because cartoon type are mainly for kids use. Those brown type for adults.
Mummy: .......

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mango Pudding

Portion: Serve 6 adults and 6 childs

~ 3000ml water
~ 100gram sugar
~ 1 can of 400ml of evaporated milk
~ Mango Pudding Powder*
* this packet come together with the mango pudding powder and the fruit sugar as well.

1) Boil 3000ml of water together with sugar and evaporated milk
2) After boiling, turn off the flame.
3) Pour in Mango pudding powder and stir for 5 minutes.
4) Add fruit sugar and mix well.
5) Pour into moulds.
6) Set in refrigerator.

Tips: Little one can help you pre-stir before you send to boiling process. She love much and tell her daddy the pudding is cook by HER and mummy. 


Today is my last day to rest relax and yeee...kind of mix feeling that next day back to normal life again WORK. Sigh....

Nothing stop me prepare another lunch meal for my little one. ^-^ I made this Crayons for her and I was so careless and forgetful that I should write the crayon on top of nori.

Well, I am not good cook but 110% she enjoy very much food I prepare for her as she can feel mummy's' effort is there. Hohoho I guess this keep me the 'moto' to move on and learn for her and for my husband.

Every task start from the first step!

Fun Clay

Mummy had long list things to buy for Olivia. Mom in law is traditional lady, she always had the perception that " Toys is not valued added & waste money concept" (totally not agree). In order not to against any party,mummy always have to be extra careful in selection goodies for her so that to have win-win situation. Mummy have to make a deal with Olivia that if she behave well for the coming whole week in such ways:-
1) Get up from bed - no moody
2) Back from school - no crying*
3) Having her lunch and dinner in slightly faster than normal.*

* (She used to cry and moody is because she is tired, exhausted from school and sleep will be her solution. However, her expression way was not agree by mom in law and could also influence my mom in law in bad mood and final consequences will be we back from work and seeing the black face.) ^-^'

Then awards will be this box of Fun Clay. 

Asking a kid to remember the deal could be easy, but to commit in this deal really not easy. I am glad she follow thru. 

Besides, she will remind me Yeah, mummy today is Monday. I had passed thru this day, I still have Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday! (It also alert her and keep her aware 7 days in a week lessons)

On Saturday morning, we had brought her to bring this home and you can tell her smiley face and how high satisfaction she get this fun clay.

Monday, August 20, 2012

French Toast

Portion: Serve 3 adults and 1 child
~ 3 Eggs
~ 3 tablespoon milk
~ 6 slices of bread (you can use fruit bread too)
~ 30-45gram butter
~ 2 tablespoon sunflower oil
~ 2 tablespoon caster sugar
~ Pinch of ground cinnamon, if liked
~ Few peeled orange segments to serve (or any juicy fruits)


1) Break the eggs into the bowl, add with milk and beat with a fork until mixed.
2) Cut the bread into strips or triangles shape with the knife.
3) Heat the butter and oil in the frying pan
4) Dip few pieces of bread into the egg mixture,turning until they are covered.
5) Lift out of the egg mixture and add to the frying pan and cook for 2-3 minutes, turning once with the fish slice until golden.
6) Repeat the 4 & 5 for all the breads
7) Sprinkle with the sugar and add the cinnamon, if using.
8) Serve with orange segments. (I used plum as my fridge left apples, grapes and plum only)

* You may cut shapes from plain white sliced bread with biscuit cutters.
* For a savoury version, use wholemeal bread, omit the sugar and serve with ketchup.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dazzling Closing Ceremony Bento

Yesterday is the last day and the day of closing for Olympic in London. Reading the front page shed me ideas for her next day bento. Hohoho

I use pocket bread to seal up each end so that jam that I chicken floss fill in will not flow out easily. I cut out nori like fireworks and fill it with sprinklers.

I was so excited and show to her (coversation as below)
Mummy: Dear come and see what I had prepared for you....
Olivia: Er...this is?
Mummy: Fireworks! Don't you think it look like?
Olivia: ..................Hm, mummy, honestly speaking your fireworks (烟花) do not really look like the newspaper nor the tv one. Please improve ya!
Mummy: O......

Farewell London 2012! Meet you at Rio de Janeiro 2016!

Monday, August 13, 2012

SpongeBob Wholemeal bread Bento

Wholemeal bread with Nutella
Dessert: Fuji Apple

2012 London Olympic

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jigsaw Puzzle Bento

My first trial on this tools. One word: Awesome! 
I had tried the right top one, It is really superb convenient. I use 2 types of bread i.e. white one and wholemeal bread so that you can contrast colour. I had add on nori eye on cheese so the bread look like tiny creature was lively watching at you and not to forgot fruits for her to have during her recess time.

It encourage Olivia to eat more and without your realized she can easily finish her 2 pieces bread with very short time.  Besides, puzzle can be can be create infinitely to large piece art.

I am not sure she is eating or she is enjoying? Any idea?

Item I used for the day: