Monday, August 27, 2012

Heart broken Daddy

As usual, heading to the mall from car park. We used to remind Olivia hold anyone of our hand. While walking across the road, Olivia accidentally fall down and lead her knee got scratches and with little bleeding. I brought her to ladies to cleansed her wound part and she told me this round is not her fault as she walk very "properly" and is daddy's' fault. Going out from toilet, she remain silent and approach to him and said....

Olivia (whisper tone): Daddy, you have not apologize from me yet
Daddy: Sorry dear.
Mummy: Do you want me punish daddy?Just like holding his hand and make him fall down and got same wound like yours? 
Olivia: NO! (cry loudly) I just need him to admit his mistake! I do not want him to get injured like me.....
Daddy: so in touch and hug her firmly.
William bring her to nearest pharmacy to buy medicine plaster while I was away to ladies. I saw from far away they are kind of busy choosing which plaster to stick. I was curious as what keep them so long and still not stick plaster on her knee. When I come closer, I just realized that husband was buying Mickey Minnie version of plaster! 

Mummy: How much?
Daddy: .......
Mummy: Don't have common type?
Daddy: .......
Mummy: Olivia, where you get this? 
Olivia: Here.
(We are still in front of the shop)
Mummy: Why choose this? This one also can. (I point to those brown common plaster)
Olivia: No, mummy.I choose this because cartoon type are mainly for kids use. Those brown type for adults.
Mummy: .......


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