Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dazzling Closing Ceremony Bento

Yesterday is the last day and the day of closing for Olympic in London. Reading the front page shed me ideas for her next day bento. Hohoho

I use pocket bread to seal up each end so that jam that I chicken floss fill in will not flow out easily. I cut out nori like fireworks and fill it with sprinklers.

I was so excited and show to her (coversation as below)
Mummy: Dear come and see what I had prepared for you....
Olivia: Er...this is?
Mummy: Fireworks! Don't you think it look like?
Olivia: ..................Hm, mummy, honestly speaking your fireworks (烟花) do not really look like the newspaper nor the tv one. Please improve ya!
Mummy: O......

Farewell London 2012! Meet you at Rio de Janeiro 2016!


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