Monday, August 27, 2012

Girl with her Violin Bento


Word for the day: V
V for Violin 

This term Olivia is learning alphabet of V and thanks to her form teacher who is kind enough to let me know her this whole month teaching subjects and material. It is also give me more idea through the food and also my brain can have short break whenever I am dried of idea.

Made a girl with her violin. I mixed the white rice and brown rice for the 2 little one. Hair and facial expression use nori, violin is made by chicken nuggets and pork meatballs, form of V by using 2 carrots (not really stand out), broccoli and cream corn soup.

Dessert is Mango pudding (not in pictures) which it is kept in the fridge. I noticed if I put the pudding together, she tends to finish pudding before take her main course. 

During her meal after the first two scoop, she hug me with thanks to providing her this delicious food. melts my hearts and I never expect she appreciate. 

After meal, Olivia told me she love my own custom make meatball rather than those nuggets. I   


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