Monday, March 18, 2013

Angry Bird Bento

It was an lazy hot Sunday! I am preparing simple lunch and steam egg for my girl.

The angry bird (black) is rice wrap up with nori and I also added 2 fish cake which I bought from market. Steam pork egg is served. 

Details for Angry bird by cheese and nori.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snoopy & Chicky Bento

I used to be chef for weekends as mom in law in charge Mon to Fri while Saturday and Sunday will be my turn.

Spaghetti is the easiest cooking for me and I love noddles. I cook quail egg and make 1 snoopy and Chicky for my brother and my girl.

The Chicky are use love pick as mouth and its comb and nori for its eyes. Snoopy are made by cheese and nori as well.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Leprechaun Bento

St. Patrick's Day fall on this coming 17 March 2013, Sunday. First flash into my mind are the leaf, Shamrock and the green dress of him, Leprechaun.

The bread are fill with chicken floss and thin layer of butter. Leprechaun is made by cheese and colour it with my precious edible markers. Details are touch on by nori and bread for the eye ball. 

I also packed with oranges, marshmallow and pack of cookie in case she still want to eat. 

"Breaking into a jig to wish you a pot of luck, full of smiles, top of cheer kind of day!"

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easter Chicky wearing Bunny Costume Bento

It is 4am morning, I suddenly so awake and could not fall back to sleep. I decided to cook dried noddles for my family i.e.William, Olivia, my brother, my mom in law and me! I quickly go down and start cook the noodles and mix with soy sauce and onion oil and with 2 meatballs.

I steam it 2 fresh corn which I bought it from night market last night and hard boil egg.

Decorate the egg with adding nori for bunny and Chicky's eyes and carrot for Chicky's nose. The bunny ear are made by bread.

It is light and simply breakfast hope they enjoy it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pinky Piggies Bento

Olivia love to have this pink cake 'Ang Kuh'(hokkien dialect) as her tea time at school. Hm.... I was unsure it is the right name for this pink cake. Chinese normally use this during praying god ceremony.It is slight taste sweet and chewable. I still remembered after praying session, the pink cake use to be my 'snack'.

Piggies details are made by cheese and nori.

I packed this with froggy chocolate and Yakult for her to school and afterall I need to submit her paper documents to enroll her into primary 1 Chinese School for 2 years later. Pretty fast huh. ^o^

 Just to share out ideas of making this piggies. 

As photo showed, use this round shape as it body.

From picture 2, cut out with this mould. You can also use the oval shape on cheese to cut out as nose.

Oink Oink! Tadaah! Assemble all and easy right?

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I was in depressed mode that I could not found any theme for her tomorrow as my eyes and mind could not move away from any news from TV related to my hometown Sabah (North Borneo). It was pretty sad and mad with those unscrupulous people claimed that 350 years ago it is belongs to them. What a shameful thought! When North Borneo being concur by Japanese or British Colony...where were they? 

I packed her with brownies just like after war and fight can imagine...the beauty of the piece of land now will add one more sad memory to those had sacrifice in the war field. Sigh...what a heart broken feel! The slight sour of Strawberry reflect my confusing and complicating mind wish this the terrorist can quickly get out from this peaceful land. They are not welcome! The Choccy Froggys from Cold Storage, not sweet but chewable. I hope people in Lahad Datu can stay tough and hope the mist and dark side can quickly go away from the piece of land. 

Rest in Peace to those police force who sacrificing in this unfortunate incidents.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Panda Bento

I am really lucky that I was randomly picked and have it from FunBites giveaway hosting by Bento Monsters.

The Panda are made by cheese and nori. It is my pleasures to test out this funbites. I layered butter and dried meat. I used love picks to assembled all in 30 seconds. Fun and Easy!
I had hide some juicy pamelo fruit and marshmallow underneath it and not to forget 2 strawberries which freshly reach to the fruit store. ;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Bad Wolf Bento

I love this Big Bad Wolf! Why? You can get lots of imported books at very cheap and affordable deal. Cook books, kids story books, fictions and non-fictions....all what I say? By paying little money and get more books for William, Olivia and myself. What a lovely wolf though its name sound bad character. :) I did not make it for this round, was kind of tight schedule for my past weekend i.e. grocery shop at market, dentist, send car to service, the time reach home was mood less to go this book fair. Just hope end of this year will have it again and with longer period!

The big bad wolf I cut from nori. and cheese, nutella bread with pastilles and orange. Wafer Crunchy bite for her in case she still feel hungry. 

Closer look for the wolf.