Friday, March 15, 2013

Leprechaun Bento

St. Patrick's Day fall on this coming 17 March 2013, Sunday. First flash into my mind are the leaf, Shamrock and the green dress of him, Leprechaun.

The bread are fill with chicken floss and thin layer of butter. Leprechaun is made by cheese and colour it with my precious edible markers. Details are touch on by nori and bread for the eye ball. 

I also packed with oranges, marshmallow and pack of cookie in case she still want to eat. 

"Breaking into a jig to wish you a pot of luck, full of smiles, top of cheer kind of day!"

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



BentoUSA said...

Very cute lunch! Thank you for linking up at St Patrick theme Party Food (^_^)

MyNoble Baby said...

Thanks dear.

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