Monday, March 11, 2013

Pinky Piggies Bento

Olivia love to have this pink cake 'Ang Kuh'(hokkien dialect) as her tea time at school. Hm.... I was unsure it is the right name for this pink cake. Chinese normally use this during praying god ceremony.It is slight taste sweet and chewable. I still remembered after praying session, the pink cake use to be my 'snack'.

Piggies details are made by cheese and nori.

I packed this with froggy chocolate and Yakult for her to school and afterall I need to submit her paper documents to enroll her into primary 1 Chinese School for 2 years later. Pretty fast huh. ^o^

 Just to share out ideas of making this piggies. 

As photo showed, use this round shape as it body.

From picture 2, cut out with this mould. You can also use the oval shape on cheese to cut out as nose.

Oink Oink! Tadaah! Assemble all and easy right?


Ming Bentomonsters said...

That's so cute! Creative! :)

MyNoble Baby said...

Thanks Ming, do feedback me part need to be improve.

Kathy said...

Fantastic! So cute!!

Sannee Lim said...

Thanks Kathy,you may try this. ^-^

kw bentodiary said...

So cute!!

Sannee Lim said...

Thank you Karen. :)

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

SO cute! I have that same cutter set but haven't experimented with it much! Thanks for linking up!

Sannee Lim said...

Thanks Diana. It is very simple and easy. You may try it out. ;)

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