Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween: Garfield Bento

I was really quiet sometime until the little one told me...Mummy, I am kind of miss the food that you used to prepare for me to school. Can ya? lol

Garfield is made from 2 types of cheese. nori for the details, ham for the nose and bread and teeth for the eyes. The bread is filled with ham. 

I actually wanted to give Garfield have sharp teeth look with Dracula look but my girl do not really keen on it.

I pack it with plum and BOO chocolate. The bat ring is special gift from US mummy who just passed by bakery shop and remembered this bat ring I maybe like it. in fact I love it so much! Not because the bat ring but value of friendship something money cannot buy. 

Thanks Jackie! ^-^

 Colouring time! Do you like it?