Thursday, March 7, 2013


I was in depressed mode that I could not found any theme for her tomorrow as my eyes and mind could not move away from any news from TV related to my hometown Sabah (North Borneo). It was pretty sad and mad with those unscrupulous people claimed that 350 years ago it is belongs to them. What a shameful thought! When North Borneo being concur by Japanese or British Colony...where were they? 

I packed her with brownies just like after war and fight can imagine...the beauty of the piece of land now will add one more sad memory to those had sacrifice in the war field. Sigh...what a heart broken feel! The slight sour of Strawberry reflect my confusing and complicating mind wish this the terrorist can quickly get out from this peaceful land. They are not welcome! The Choccy Froggys from Cold Storage, not sweet but chewable. I hope people in Lahad Datu can stay tough and hope the mist and dark side can quickly go away from the piece of land. 

Rest in Peace to those police force who sacrificing in this unfortunate incidents.


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