Friday, September 20, 2013

Mid-Autumn: Chang Er Bento

Mid-Autumn festival falls on 19 September, Thursday. I am just too excited to use rice to make bento for this theme. :) It is another opportunity for me to make Chang E in rice type.

For the lunch bento, I made little girl with holding bunny lantern. The girl is made from rice and bunny is pick. 

It is packed with meatballs, fresh baby carrots and grapes. There is a fish paste soup which I forgot to include in it. :s

I actually plan to use the quail egg to make the bunny as lantern. I changed to use bunny pick as I am taking too long to prepare the Chang Er. :s

William, Olivia and I are participating this lantern competition by using recycled materials. It is our first time to make this, the paper materials supplied by schools. Initial we plan to use can / tin to make the lantern and after thinking design and tedious work and lots of kids participating maybe little and little. We change to use box instead of can. 

The drawing Chang E is drawn by me. :) From far angle see, look good. Closer look, you will find rough workmanship. ;p

After submit this and chit chat with the principal, I changed the plan in making Minion for her as I feel this lantern above is abit traditional and old fashioned. 

Which one you prefer? ^-^

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


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