Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Wooden Tray

I was searching this tray long long ago. ;p Thanks to one of Facebook Singapore friend who is always keen to share where she bought and where she get and how much in Singapore sell. She got hers at SGD 2 each. I was trying my luck to check whether I can get this from Daiso. Yes! Yes! My eyes suddenly went sparkling and so heart blossom that I saw one of it. Without thinking much, these are 2 pieces I grab and bring back home and now is MINE. :)

William saw it and ask where I got these and its cost which I ask him take a wild guess. ^-^ I told him I use this as part of my bento tools (Photograph purposes) which give me the motivation 'heart' to continue charaben* (キャラ弁) for my girl. 

Remarks: charaben*, a shortened form of character bento


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