Saturday, September 22, 2012

Forest Brown Bear Bento

Sandy was inspire by one of bento friend that by using meatball to make this forest brown bear for Olivia. 

The bear is made by chicken minced chicken, marinate with pinch of salt, oyster and flour and leave it about 30 minutes. After that, shape up the bear by few round shape and deep it with little bit of dark soy sauce. ( I was putting too much dark soy sauce already =.= ) Slight grill the meatball with low fire and leave it cool at temperature room.

Use the Spaghetti stick to install the round ball you make in earlier to get the bear shape. I use cheese and nori to add on facial, ham for bear cheeky blush face.

It is serve by corn porridge and broccoli.

Picks I used for the day: 


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