Monday, September 10, 2012

Rabbit is jumping on the Marble Bento

Rabbit is jumping on the Marble

Arghh...mummy overslept! It is because:-
1) Raining
2) Mummy last night late to bed
3) Daddy did not wake me up (Oh, make sure William did not see my post ^-^')

I had quick flash to my mind that I can use my new picks - Usagi Rabbit. ^-^ The butter and marble cake was bought from bakery shop. (Sorry, I have not throwing myself in bakery yet due to no oven. What a weird excuse for me not to learn. Well, it is just matter of time.....Shh, William knew I am trying to learn something he will jump again)

Strawberries for her and some pastilles. 

Happy Raining Day!


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