Friday, September 28, 2012

New Tools

I was eyeing this tools long time ago now I manage to grab new picks and tools.


From L to R: Fruits and vegetable silicon cup & Onigiri/ Rice Mould Animal

From L to R: Pop Silicon Baran/Divider Sheet, Lettuce Leaves Silicon Baran &   Happy Bento Silicone Baran

My lovely baran
From L to R: Bento Picks

Picks you couldn't resist to bring it home!

From L to R: Food Cup - Animal Donburi, Obento Bucket & Polka Dots

Useful Food Cup to store liquid type or sauce for the lil one.

From L to R: Multipurpose Cutters Okazu set & Sandwich Cutter/Stamp (animals) 

Source: Little Noble Baby or you can go to My Noble Baby her online store.


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