Friday, September 28, 2012

Chang E and Jade Rabbit Bento, Chinese Mythological

月亮传说- 嫦娥奔月 

I am not sure my paper cut 'kungfu' able to cut out the extraordinary, gentle and pretty lady - Chang E and jade rabbit. Well it is my good try. ^-^

The bread spread with nutella hazelnut. I use round mould to have round shape of BBQ cheese. Placed the cut out Chang E and bunny (rabbit) from nori and placed in it. I cheat and cut the tiny cheese instead of cut from the inner of Chang E. (Hm....m not brave enough =.=')

She also had her mini snow skin red bean moon cake and grapes for her. 

Adding little cupcake sprinklers on the surface of bread and bunny picks. 

Remarks: Olivia said mummy had cut out wrong creatures that I should cut bunny instead of cockroach. Oh....

Picks I used for the day: 


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