Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Woof Woof

Woof Woof

I am dog lover,especially big dog like doberman, rottweiler and German Shepperd.I admire its loyalty and there always gives us uncountable sweet memories. Maggie, Lobo, Captain, Oscar & Jojo, there are always my tip top guardian angel dog! They are helpful helping my mom to eat those cook mango and after eating they will throw to dustbin, they take care our house 24 hours without any complaining and they are also good partner in jogging. ^-^ Gosh....rewind back my memories to them, I missed them a lot.

I spread new filling of sesame seed paste. Roll up the bread and wrap with cling wrap for few minutes. There are 2 version i.e. flatten type and puffy type and this round I make this have puffy look.

I usually do not flatten my bread before rolling because I like the puffy look. But if your bread keeps breaking after rolling, you can flatten them first.

 I also use the side bread and mould out to make it as its ears and attach it with pasta. (I prefer pasta rather than tooth picks as pasta is edible item and it is more secure compared tooth picks) I used to remind Olivia that I used pasta to attach the ears on the bread so that she is aware it too. 

Final touch is adding the nori for doggies eyes and nose.


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