Thursday, September 6, 2012

Classic Watch Bento

Classic Watch Bento

As usual I will asked my girl what she learn from school or any fun or new things to share during her shower time. Below is our conversation....

Mummy: Anything new from school?
Olivia: Oh yes, today teacher taught us W.
Mummy: W, then you do know about W?
Olivia: W for Window, for Watch, for Water and many more (cant recap)
Mummy: How many watch you have?
Olivia: 1, 2 & 3! I got 3!
Mummy: Oooo (I suddenly got some idea what to prepare for her)

Strawberry jam with bread and I brought her favorite marshmallow and few pastilles vitamin C for her and the edible classic watch. The watch is made by nori and cheese. 

She love it when she saw it and she said mummy, I got the fourth (edible) watch! ^-^


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