Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Olivia Goes to School Bento

This is my second attempt try out Wilton Edible Markers and this round I m trying it on cheese. ^-^ It is precious pens like I mentioned in earlier getting from far far away from Singapore. Bento Berries help me to get this from Phoon Huat, I can wait to use other picks ABC Board and Cutter from her. It is wonderful tools if you are bento lover!

While still think what I can do on bread, I saw her last year nursery books placed on the sofa. Her favorite book Sally Goes to School. Without thinking too much, I start took out related tools that I just got from Bento Berries

It was not really smooth drawing as I was too excited and realized I had been long enough not holding any colour I guess I must practice more. Sally is wearing blue uniform and Olivia is wearing green uniform as her school Kinderland uniform is green. 

I showed her this and she smile so cheeky and say yeah, mummy made it! This round is I am wearing school bags and happy feeling to school. Cool!! Arghhh, my heart melt again. :p

I packed it with 2 bread i.e. butter and butter kaya bread. Red grapes for her and decorate it with ABC board picks. 



Ming Bentomonsters said...

So cute! Great job, ur girl looks exactly like the bk! :)

MyNoble Baby said...

Thanks Li Ming. Yeah, she love it very much.

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