Saturday, January 5, 2013

20130105 - Caterpillar Bento

I made this caterpillar to remind myself that she always gives me joy, happiness and surprise! Besides, I make this caterpillar for her as it will remind me from time to time as at when her conversation with William.

Like usual, her daddy will call her little princess after lunch.

Daddy: Hey sweetie, what you eat today? Have fun at school?
Olivia: Yeah, already! Daddy, today we saw caterpillar! Daddy, Caterpillar in English and Chinese is 毛毛虫 "Mao Mao Chong" then what about in Malay?
Daddy: ......(his mind went blank) Errr....wait ya, (he quickly SOS to ask help from his colleagues. One of his colleagues say it could be "Ulat") Oh dear, it is "Ulat"
Olivia: Wrong! It is round, and not caterpillar!
Daddy: Huh? (he realized over the phone, she heard it as "Bulat" means round instead of "Ulat"
Olivia: Never mind, I will ask other people (I guess she is referring either mother in law or my brother or me) but daddy.....PLEASE READ MORE BOOKS! You are lack of this. Please go back HOME and read more books, okay?
Daddy: (Speechless but) OOoooo.... =.='


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