Monday, January 21, 2013

A for apple

I had reduced from 5 days to 2-3days subject to my little one want to have her meal at school or home food. 

Past week, she brought back the exercise book that her teachers wish her to finish her homework at home and accompany with daddy and mummy. She choose me to accompany her. :s

A actually not only stand for apple, but also ant, aeroplane and asparagus, etc. 

The bread spread with peanut berry and cut out shape of bread with nutella chocolate jam. I packed it with some grapes and mini pudding and her sweet. She saw it from morning market and this is first time she insist to buy simply because she can not only eat but also read out the wording of A woh.... ;s

I got my red apple pick form Bento Berries and other picks I got it from either 100 yen shop or Daiso. 


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