Saturday, January 26, 2013

Girl wear Dragon Hat Bento

This year is still the year of Dragon under Chinese Calendar, until the coming the Chinese New Year will declare as Snake Year.

I was excited to try out this by using rice. lol (not brave enough)

The dragon are coloured with deco furi, use the cling wrap to shape the rice. Use the spaghetti to maintain the position you wish to. Details facial add on by nori. The meat is vegetarian meat as it is 15th of Chinese calendar year, I will normally on half day vegetarian. I am glad she is willing to give herself a try. ^-^

I also add on grapes which you hardly see as it is just right behind this girl. ;p   

Between, my family and I are really in count down moods which 15days later will Chinese New Year - Snake Year and I will have 1 week trip back to my parent house rest and relax. I start day dream my families, friends, relatives and my lovely doggies at another side, East Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

The dragon is cute, very nicely done.

MyNoble Baby said...

Thank you dear.

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