Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to School - Good Morning My Girl

Good Morning! It is my first bento for her and bento she want me prepapre for her is 'Me' I wanted to make her School bus, books, and any other related to school but she still prefer I make "Me" to her.

Mummy: Dear, tomorrow do you want mummy prepapre any food for you to school?
Olivia: Oh yes, please mummy.
Mummy: Okay,I make school bus for you ya....(my mind had flies to how to construct the bus suddenly interuption from her bring me back to real
Olivia: Mummy, I want "Me" 
Mummy: Mee?
Olivia: Nope is Me...I want another 'me' 
Mummy: Er....Don't want school bus? 
Olivia: You make this for me let's focus more about me okay?
Mummy: =.=' Oh....noted noted.

I made Nutella bread and add on fresh bought Tong Kee Brothers Egg tart for her. I used red candy to make red cheeky for her and she is kind of love this style. :)


Ming@Bentomonsters said...

Lol, she is too cute!! N ur bento of her is also very cute! :)

MyNoble Baby said...

Li Ming,
She always give me really challenging title if I wanted to prepare bento for her :s Poor me, she is not aware this freshly mummy still in learning progress.

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