Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Colour Pencils Bento

Today I woke up late while thinking what to prepare for her suddenly recap that me and my girl last night conversation that she still claimed that she is 'lack of' colour pencils. This remind me she really have more than enough colour pencils and gentle reminder to my both side parents do not buy her any colour pencils anymore or else we will busy to help her to pack up and tidy up her stuffs. :s

I prepare 4 pieces of bread and 2 pieces cheese. The bottom just simple bread with cheese and cut into 2 while the upper part I cut out desire size of pen and wrap it with bread skin. Colour it and it is done within few minutes, simple and fast (at least I still can make it on time for her to bring to school) I added banana which she used to say I seldom pack her bento with banana instead other fruits.

I added crayons picks for her which I bought from Bento Berries which this is new design. You may hop over to view her site to get your prefer picks.


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