Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello Kitty with Friends Bento

I was quite surprised first time she demand Hello Kitty from me and I was excited to try out my new tools. ^-^

The miracle picks, bento cutters, the edible marker pen and the mini chalk board was bought from Bento Berries. I was lucky enough that I know her! She is always kind and share a lot info in bentoing. She is always ready to walk extra mile for me i.e. to get the pen and the chalk board for me which is not her selling products and not mistaken the chalk board is not near from her living place. I am sharing this out is not because she is free or else but to share out her helpful hand and appreciate in all the ways that her effort. It is obviously I am a troublesome customer. :s I was very thankful to her as she also consider my shipping will be very high she still help me to find best way to save my shipping cost. Well, you hardly find so nice online sellers in this field. ;p Do hop over to her site for unique range of bento items.

I prepare nutella bread with grapes and her favourite mini pudding. 

I used the stainless steel bear and rabbit mould to have the shape and slight cut to get Hello Kitty 'look'. Nori for Hello Kitty's  friends and corn for Hello Kitty nose. 

I tried to draw the skirt same as my girl lunch box cover but it seems I am having drawing skill problem too. lol I hope she like it. ^-^


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