Thursday, April 25, 2013

Camel Dromedary Bento

Today I made Camel for her as her teacher now is teaching animal who live in dessert area where it is hot and dry place. 

The dromedary or Arabian Camel is large which have one hump on its back which I used to think it is mainly for storage of water but after Google and found out my interpretation was not really true. Ha...never mind for the time being, Olivia just need to know Camel is living in dessert area which is hot and sandy. 

William said I have made wrong camel which camel have 2 humps and I have to explain that I am making Dromedary camel which with 1 hump and the 2 humps is  named Bactrian Camel. :) Thanks to internet world able to giving me so much info for these 2 type of camels and names and indirectly is another added value knowledge for me too!

The camel and the pyramid are with 2 type of cheese. nori for adding its facial details. I also pack it with papayas.

The second deck fill with marshmallow and light snack for her to munch and share with friends.

Close look for the camel.


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