Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monster University: Mike Bento

It was not a good news since last Saturday that the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370. What a shock and sad news happen over the weekend. We spend our weekend on TV and internet just to hope every press conference held by MAS can have good news. :( Just hope miracle happen to this MH370.

William need to bring mom in law to have routine check-up and she had prepare a cereal for her before to school. I use the alphabet cereal to form some wording to cheer her up. 

After sending her to school, I quickly made this pocket Mike, the scare assistant is her favorite cartoon character. Thanks to Bentomonsters creative idea of making Mike in pocket type. 

I packed it with sausages and red grapes. She had it during her recess time and she cant wait to share with her buddies that she has the edible Mike from mummy. :)

Details are done with cheese and nori. 


Ming Bentomonsters said...

Thanks for the mention! Happy to hear she loves it. I'm really puzzled when there's still no news of the plane. :(

Sannee Lim said...

Ya...we hope they are fine and safe condition. :(

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