Monday, January 6, 2014

Mango Sago Dessert

Mango Sago Dessert is an Asian sweet that originates from Hong Kong. I always want to try this and this round is a good excuse for me to try this whereas it was hot sunny day. This is such a refreshing chill dessert to have on a hot and high humid temperature here. :)



100 gram Sago*
400 gram mangoes
100 gram caster sugar
200ml evaporated milk
400ml Marigold PeelFresh Mango Juice
Red Currant or Pomelo (options)

  1. Soak the sago in cold water for 15 minutes and drain. This will wash away some of the starch from the sago. 
  2. In a saucepan of boiling water add the sago.
  3. Cook, stirring the sago over medium-high heat. When the sago becomes partially cooked (translucent) turn the heat off.
  4. Cover with a saucepan lid and set aside, allowing the steam to cook the sago through.
  5. When the sago is translucent, drain and run under cold water. 
  6. Process the mango until it becomes pureed.
  7. Add the evaporated milk and caster sugar.
  8. Distribute the mixture evenly among the ramekins or bowls. 
  9. Add the sago and refrigerate for 1-2 hours until cool. Serve cold with extra mango pieces if preferred. I added some fresh red currant as topping.  
* Sago is edible starch and that can be easily found from any grocery shop or hypermarket. 


Ming Bentomonsters said...

Yummy! We love this!

Sannee Lim said...

Yup,is my first attempt but they like it. ;p

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