Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thank you,Bear Bento

It is still school holiday. I knew Olivia form teacher will left from her work and pursuing her degree studies. I actually missed out the Thanksgiving day but it does not stop me to bento-ing this. ;p

The idea was inspired from Bento Monsters which she always share out her talented and brilliant recipes and nice bento art work. 

Bread is filled with nutella chocolate. Bear is made from BBQ cheese which all you need was mould of bear and rabbit mould. Tail and stick s made from bread. Board frame is made from bread skin and nutella as black board. I actually wanted to make Thank You instead I Love You but I found wording size mould I had now is too big for the board. 

I am run out of fruits and I filled it with prunes and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate.

It was a surprised which this bento is not for my girl but for her teacher. Olivia was so happy that she say she can give this bento to her teacher. Hope she like it. 

Thank you, Teacher Ern Nee!


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